Just A Chance(JAC), empowering 100,000 People across Africa
We believe that Luck has an element in people’s success, and we want to be that “Luck” for so many people who didn’t even think it was possible.
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What past users have to say
Sometimes, even the seemingly undeserving person deserves a chance. Sometimes, all you need for that breakthrough is just a chance.
JAC was a game-changer for me. It provided a comprehensive testing ground where I could explore areas I hadn't encountered in university, significantly enhancing my research and delivery capabilities while gaining a wealth of new experiences. The JAC program is specifically designed for individual training and development, and I can say it's an excellent way to kickstart one's career. Just A Chance is the perfect place for newcomers to the tech world, as it pushes you to venture into new territories you might never have considered. Today, I find myself confidently writing Flutter & Dart, something I couldn't have imagined before. A heartfelt thank you to JAC for this opportunity’.
My experience with the JAC program has been transformative. I've had the privilege of growing as a software developer in an inclusive and supportive environment, thanks to the invaluable mentorship, opportunities, and strong commitment to diversity within the program. I genuinely appreciate the leadership and dedication to fostering inclusivity. The program has given me a valuable chance, and I eagerly anticipate contributing to a workplace that values diversity and equal opportunities.
The JAC program was an enriching experience that has profoundly shaped my career aspirations and instilled a passion for leveraging data to drive meaningful outcomes in the field of data science. The collaborative and intellectually stimulating environment fostered a culture of learning and innovation from day one. Beyond technical expertise, the experience exposed me to client interactions, project management, and aligning data science with business goals, providing a holistic view of data's role in decision-making.
The JAC program was a significant avenue for me to enrich my software and digital skills. It has been a platform that provided me with the necessary skill set to delve into the software world. The program is cleverly set up to provide the right knowledge to foster my software growth. Through engaging projects and hands-on experiences, I have honed my problem-solving abilities and gained practical insights into industry practices. Moreover, the supportive community within the program has played a crucial role in my professional development, encouraging collaboration and knowledge sharing.
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At JAC, we want to be part of your success story. It is only a privilege for us to be a part of your success. We believe strongly in you, very strongly!
We are an end to end research and technology services and solutions company that drive innovation through strategic solutions
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