About eTihuku Software
eTihuku is more than a technology solutions company. We are game-changers. We are pioneers.
Behind our solutions and innovative delivery is a team of highly-skilled and passionate individuals.
Putting our expertise in action to make your business more effective, efficient and future ready. Our company is a leading provider of end-to-end software technology solutions with deep experience across the technology spectrum. We bring our portfolio of unique and latest skill set to help strengthen your business and ensure you stay competitive and growing. We are passionate about delivering innovative solutions to fit your needs.
Our strengths are in providing technological solutions that cut across small, medium and large organization. Not only do we know the technology and software that are common to these levels of organization, we can effectively speak the business language of these sectors of organization to give you the edge you require in your organization.
We take pride in our rapid response and experience. our goal is to make our solutions affordable while implementing the best systems to support your business plan. We have been providing digital software solutions through our highly skilled passionate individuals.
Business Strategy
Problem Solving
We love to take up new technology challenges and our experience over the years in Software Solutions offers 100% trust on what we can achieve as company.
We Listen
Show us where you are and we will show you where we can take you. We can help you get more out of your business. We allow our clients to make choices while we specifically guide them all through the process for ensured success.
Things Change
Technology keeps advancing, your business should find ways to keep up. Helping organizations handle advancement is what we do and heres how:
Strategic Consulting
Our strategic and technology advisory services will help transform your business through the management of new solutions, platforms, architecture and technology. We will partner with you to determine the right combination of technologies for your business from the technology that exist today to the emerging technology of tomorrow.Working with your team will enable us learn about your business challenges, identify opportunities and translate your needs into requirements to build unique solutions.
Digital Transformation
We empower our client’s businesses with cutting-edge solutions using established and emerging technologies that cut across solutions design, digital innovations solutions, project and program management, technology infrastructure and support services.
Organizational Performance
We uncover industry trends and provide data-driven insights. Our research team will provide you with a wealth of knowledge to discover and develop the right solutions. Our research and development team provide solutions that cut across market analysis and research, users personas, user research and interviews. This will enable us to work with your team to give the best performance on all levels.
Application Service
Get the functionality you need without complications. we develop specialized applications to help manage your operations and we provide expert digital skills and advice you need to make important decisions for digital transformations. Our team of experienced experts ensure that your needs are accurately defined and prioritized. some of these are;
Digital Application Development
legacy Systems Modernization
Control / Software Engineering
Cloud Infrastructure
Cyber Security
Expertise Solution
We offer you a set of skilled teams who are continuously being developed so we can look at your project from both a technical and business point of view. We also understand that every client sees things from a different point of view, so we have adapted our service delivery methods to suit each client's situation. this service, gives your organization the digital tools it needs to be more agile and sustain your vision in a fast-changing competitive market. We offer;
Enterprise Resource Planning
Customer Relationship Management
Corporate Performance Management
Data Analysis
Automate some of your critical business processes. Extract important data form these processes, analyze the data and make changes that benefit your business. Let's help you drive better decision making with data that you can trust. we provide; .
Business Intelligence
Data Management
Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
Internet of Things (IoT)
Our Speciaties
The experts at our company understand that all companies are unique and that’s why we have countless specialties to better accommodate and meet your demands. From acloud-based services to agility, we have you covered. Sleep easy at night knowing that our company has your back.Take a look at our specialties below to learn how we can keep your business running smoothly.
Agile Software Delivery
Cloud Engineering
Data Science
Strategic Assurances
We are an end to end research and technology services and solutions company that drive innovation through strategic solutions
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