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Agile Software Delivery
We help our clients develop software products and solutions using agile methodologies, which emphasize flexibility, collaboration, and customer feedback.
Business Analytics Insight
We assist businesses (across different domains such as Banking & Finance, Insurance, Transportation, Telecommunications, Mining) in analyzing their data to gain valuable insights that can inform decision-making and improve efficiency.
Cloud Engineering
offer cloud-based solutions and services, helping clients leverage cloud technology to scale, secure, and optimize their operations.
Strategic Assurance
Ensuring that clients technology and business strategies are aligned and secure, mitigating risks, and ensuring compliance with industry regulations.
Data Science
Data science techniques to extract meaningful information from data, build predictive models, and drive data-driven decision-making.
Product Design
Helping clients design user-friendly and innovative products, which could include software applications or physical products.
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Our experienced technology solutions experts provide a comprehensive technology solution that are basically built to your organization’s unique needs and mission. Most importantly, we bring you a team whose commercial and public sector technology expertise cannot be replicated.
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Unlock the art of blending people, tools to transform extensive data into a potent competitive edge
Empowering companies to maximize profitability, regulatory compliance, and operational efficiency while elevating product design, software development, data science, business analytics, insights, and strategic assurance.
Offering comprehensive support to achieve your business goals.
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Etihuku embarked on this challenge with utmost dedication and expertise. They designed and built an impressive Artificial Intelligence-powered web application that leveraged advanced machine learning algorithms to predict the financial inclusion status of citizens. The application was meticulously crafted to handle large datasets and provide accurate predictions. Etihuku's team worked tirelessly to ensure that the application met our specifications and objectives. They integrated state-of-the-art AI models that exhibited high accuracy in predicting financial inclusion, contributing to the overall success of the project. The collaboration with Etihuku has yielded remarkable results for UNESWA and CFI. The AI-powered web application developed by Etihuku has proven to be a valuable tool for financial research and policy development. It has enabled us to predict financial inclusion trends in Eswatini, identify areas for improvement, and design targeted interventions. The project was successfully completed within the stipulated timeframe, demonstrating Etihuku's efficient project management skills and their commitment to delivering results on schedule.
University of Eswatini
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